Wednesday, May 27, 2009


My latest naughty thing is to try and get out of the tub. i turn to the side and pull my way up. Mommy looks at me and says NO NO Krewser and sits me back down but I laugh or smile my big smile and try it again. She can't help but smile or giggle. I even slipped a little one time but still am a monkey and like to try it over and over...Scary for mommy and daddy.! I am not afraid to try much. I have already fallen several times to prove I have a really hard head.

I love when the water runs I
put my hands under it and play.

My little cute teeth again:)

Pulling myself up


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

9 mOnThS oLd...

i am 9 months old!! Wow it has sure
gone by fast. I am turning into a little
boy not a baby anymore:(
I weigh 19.8 lbs and am 29 inches long
I love standing and holding myself up
to anything; couch, coffee table, mom's leg
I think I am so big when I do this I get super
excited and smile from ear to ear and chat in
my own little language. I say dadada bababa
nananan...haven't gotten down the mamama.
I still love my baba and prefer it over my sippy
cup. I love to eat anything, I will try anything
and usually like it. I eat all of the baby foods
my mom has ever tried. I even like the green
beans, peas, and carrots! I am a good eater.
I love any ball and can palm my ball when I pick
it up. I love the water, we went to Grandma Rhonda
& Grandpa Marks pool and I loved it, even though
it was cold. I am always the center of attention there!
I love Grandma's dog Shaylee, she always sits right by
me, eats my leftovers and watches out for me.
I have my 2 front bottom teeth only and am waiting
for my others so I don't have to gum all my food!
I love to cuddle still and am such a joy to my parents:)
SPOILED at times but thats cuz I can be....

My 2 cute teeth

Off to the pool & ready for it!
Happy Boy, love making messes

My cute dimple once again;)

This is as good as my crawling
gets right now.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mommy Graduates Dental Hygiene...

It was a hard 2 years but my mommy did it, she made it through the DH program!! It was a lot of time and hard work but with the help of all our family and friends we made it. THANK YOU TO ALL:)
We are so grateful for my grandma Kathy who has been such an amazing grandma and support to us both, we couldn't have made it without her. Thanks for putting your life on hold to help tend me so my mom could get through school.
I also got to spend lots of time with my daddy these last few months because mommy was always studying for board exams at night:( Thanks daddy for all your help!!

Mommy and me at Graduation dinner
I was such a good boy!

Allie...she is so cute with me

Me and Grandma Kathy...luv her

Mommy and her awesome friends
Steph, Hailee, and Tina ;0)

Grandma and her girls :)

Grandpa Kent and Grandma Christine
thanks for your help with school...

Uncle Kyle, Papa Mike, Grandma and Allie
Mommy's Cute Friends ;0)


Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mom and Me Day at the Zoo

My 1st trip to the zoo!!!
It was the day before Mother's Day and
the zoo put on a mom and me day. I got
to go with my Aunt Allie and cousin Kaia.
Allie's friend Katie and Noah came too. They
were here visiting from out of town. I was such
a good boy and loved the animals. The zebras
and brown bear were my favorite:)

Allie & Kaia, Mommy & me, Katie & Noah
Me and Noah playing with my ball!
I was a good boy and shared with him

Me and my best buddy Kaia

I was worn out by the end. I fell asleep
in my stroller. What a fun day:)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

CrAwLiNg?? Not yet...

I am almost 9 months but not crawling yet! i'm
getting so big but a baby still at heart :)
i like to scoot a little on my bumb and can reach
really far by just bending down frontward to get
what i want!

i think i am such a big boy
getting my ball and toys

My Hulk pose in action, when i get
excited!!! everyone laughs so much i
do it again...

My giggles :0)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

All Boy, I love any sort of Ball...

Daddy got me this big red
ball and I get so excited when
i see it!! i tense up and do my
famous HULK thing...i kick and throw
a ball pretty good already :)

My contagious Smile