Wednesday, September 30, 2009


My 1 year old pics!! I was such a good boy for these pictures:)
I am still not walking, I stand and take a few steps but don't have any interest in walking. I weigh 23.8 lbs and am 30.7 inches long. My head is is in the 90 percentile, I have a big noggin. I have 2 new teeth coming in which makes a total of 5! I love to talk but the only real words i say are momma and dadda, the rest is just jibberish. I like to help mommy unload the dishwasher, I pull out all the silverware and hand it to her. I am getting pickier about eating. My new favorite things to eat are mac n cheese, pancakes, and fun fruits:) I can go up and down the stairs pretty much faster than anyone crawling. I took my first tumble down the stairs last week, but I have a really hard head and was fine! Thank goodness:) I have so much personality! I sure make everyones life exciting and fun:)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

My 1st Haircut!!!...

I got my first haircut on my birthday!! I was such a good boy...Mommy took me to cookie cutters and I loved it!!! I got a sucker and a balloon:)

Handsome boy:)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My FiRsT BiRtHdAy PaRtY!!!!

My FIRST birthday party was sooo much fun! I was such a good boy and loved it. We went to a park and had lots of fun with family and friends. I got spoiled as usual but I am still a sweet boy:)

Best Friends:)

I love my new car!! Me and Kaia fight over it already:)

My Uncles...
Me trying to get into the cake before its time!!

My Uncle Ky-ky loves me:)

My Very own Birthday Cake! I liked the cake but mostly liked picking off the polka dots although I tasted it a few times! I didn't destroy it too bad. I just wanted my hands cleaned off and to clap because everyone was clapping with me:)

Umm Umm Good...


Some adorable pics...with his cake!

Mommy with her birthday boy and cute Kaia!
Present time:)...I got way too spoiled! Thanks to all my wonderful friends and family that came to my birthday party and thanks for the gifts! I love you all:) It was such a fun day!