Saturday, September 25, 2010

I love love love my "B's"

My "B" is my favorite thing!!! (Blankie) Whenever I am sad or need something to comfort me it is always "B" mommy "B". I bite or suck on it when I get nervous, but I don't take it everywhere, just need it to comfort me or when I go night-night :) LOVE MY B!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Growing up so fast!!

At 2 years old I weigh 30.2 lbs and am 3 feet tall!! I am 75 % for my height and weight and 95% for my big head! I am such a sweet and goofy kid, I love my family and friends and have such a fun, loving personality. My Mommy, Ten, Mamma and Daddy all adore me. I am one loved kid:)
Some things I love to do and say are:
When asked to do something I usually say....Ooookay mommy
or No Way Ten...!
When mommy was driving she said Go retard one day and I am a parrot these days, so now my favorite line everyday is... Go Tard or 1,2,3 Go Tard, everyone laughs so I keep saying it!
I am very Independent and want to do everything myself, so I say... Krew do it, Krew do it! Then if I did something myself I say Did it, Did it!!! If I can't do it, then its usually Krew can't mommy.
My L's are Y like, little and look are yike, yittle and yook :)
When I want to be held or picked up I say...hold you, hold you peez (please)
I love to eat, play at the park, go to mamma's (grandma's) house, go to dadda's, go swimming, go to see horsies, play with my cousin Kai Kai, shoot hoops, read books, do puzzles, play trains, and be a crazy 2 year old!!
There are very few things I am afraid of but the things that do scare me right now are; Dogs, sprinklers, firetrucks and thunder. The loud noises of all of these scare me! :(

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I started 2 year old preschool this year!! Me and Kaia go to preschool every Tuesday for a couple of hours. We have so much fun there. We love playing with the toys, learning colors, letters and songs! Our cousin Avery goes too, but she is in the 3 year old class. Our teacher is so nice, her name is Miss Julie:) She is so cute with us and loves teaching us kids!
1st week...Group playtime

I was a little nervous the 1st and my buddy kaia!

Miss Julie with me and Kaia, having a sucker :)